Thursday, 17 July 2008

I Hate IHateFirstGreatWestern - the pretend hate bloggers

I Hate IHateFirstGreatWestern - pretend hate bloggers

I have written and videoed a poem entitled Tickets Please, about how train companies treat commuters. I submitted this poem to a blogsite of supposed anti-First Great Westerners who summarily deleted it due its realistic content.

The pretend haters of are no more than cheese and wine evening part timers who publish their first class carriage rail miseries amongst each other and abhor the use of the word fuck on their website because it is obscene and offends them a great deal more than the shocking daily commute debacle of First Great Western, a train company they smear with haughty witticism yet obediently trudge through every working day because they are cowards.

You say that you hate FGW: I say you are liars. You don't know the meaning of hate and probably wouldn't unless it fucked you up the arse.

You can read Tickets Please here:

or watch it here: